Kristin and Steve started their transplant journey separately but both many years ago. Kristin became involved with the local transplant community when her former husband needed a liver transplant back in 2005. Steve is a liver and 3-time kidney recipient who has kept active with a variety of transplant organizations since his first transplant 23 years ago. 

Brought together by Steve's need for a 3rd kidney, Kristin and Steve formed a friendship, a bond that was strengthened by their mutual desire to help transplant patients. Together they decided to reach out beyond their local transplant community to help others celebrate the success of transplant and assist those in need of a transplant by promoting donor awareness. 

Kristin and Steve were married in 2015 and have grown both as a couple and a team. They have worked hard to build their store's online presence through their website, Facebook pages and blogs. For them it's all about raising awareness...awareness through everyday moments with friends, family, co-workers, and strangers. They know that it's about starting the conversation - the conversation about transplant and the growing need for donors.  But you know what?  It's also about showing the lighter side of transplant. After all, it takes a real sense of humor just to get through.  

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We use Zazzle to host our online store.  Look for the discount code at the top of each page on

We use Zazzle to host our online store.  Look for the discount code at the top of each page on


Uniquely designed gifts and apparel for those who have something to say

KNS Transplant Gear has hundreds of 

transplant and donor awareness related items, including transplant apparel, coffee mugs, tote bags, cell phone cases and much more!  Our transplant tees are customizable

and available in more than 100 men's, women's, and children's styles, each offering several colors to choose from. Designs range from retro to grunge and bold to modern.  All our designs celebrate the Gift of Life with fun and inspiration.