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Kristin Corlett and Steve Binder

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KNS Gear - Kristin and I met a over a decade ago in a transplant support group in Jacksonville, FL.  I was a liver and 2-time kidney recipient...Kristin, a caregiver to her then-husband, a recent liver recipient.  As life takes its many twists and turns, so did our lives.  Following a stroke In 2011, (that's another story), I found myself in need of a third kidney transplant.  Even though we were friends for many years, our friendship solidified when Kristin happily agreed to be my caregiver during a year of dialysis and through a third transplant.  Our friendship grew and our love blossomed during that time.  And, after 3 years of being together, we married. 

To celebrate the success of transplantation and to raise consciousness of the great need for organ donors, Kristin and I decided to launch a line of transplant gear - apparel, coffee mugs, tote bags, Christmas ornaments, cell phone cases, and more.  Our goal is to reach beyond our local community and help transplant recipients everywhere share the joy of having a second chance at life.  Our hope is that by sharing that joy, recipients would create greater visibility of transplantation and help open up the discussion about organ donation.   This is our passion.  We believe that starting that conversation can be done in many creative and light-hearted ways.

But that's just the beginning.  Kristin and I have created a wide variety of designs and products that reflect on our fun, artistic, and positive outlook on life.  We incorporate our sense of humor, love of animals and nature, and a great appreciation of things vintage and retro, into our unique and wide array of designs.  You'll also see much of Kristin's beautiful photography throughout our stores.  Be sure to visit our KNS Gear, KNS Transplant Gear, KNS Card Shop, KNS Home Decor, and our new KNS Christmas Store, full of bright and festive holiday designs.

We hope you enjoy shopping our stores on Zazzle.  We've had a lot of fun creating them!

                - Steve Binder


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